Pierre-Alain Münger (aka Pamcrash) has been fascinated by destruction since early childhood, having fun hammering car toys into oblivion. 

Today the Swiss artist studies the anatomy of car crashes into various mediums including sculptures, paintings or pencil drawings, through a complicated process that involves crashing vehicles at a 100 km/h speed and methodically analyzing the effects on the materials and the forces at play. This intense research of the collision's impact and the deformation of shapes make for intricate sculpted pieces or hyper-realistic paintings. 

It's within the metaphorical frame of his laboratory that Münger develops these experiments, following an almost scientific method of observation, discovery and documentation of theses mutations. Similarly to Lavoisier's "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed", Münger stated :

Artist Statement

It's not just destruction !
It's transformation.
I like to transform things.
To take their common meaning away and give them a new one.
And perhaps it gives things suddenly a meaning at all.