Być means "to be" in Polish.

His artistic influences range from Norman Rockwell, Toulouse Lautrec, Hokusai to Blek the Rat, J-M Basquiat or Warhol, and even the comics to name but a few.

His drawings express his attraction for urban art and reflection around the human, the absurd, the meaning we give to our lives, our experiences and the emotions that these awaken.

Anonymity has a specific function in his eyes: A work must be seen, estimated and felt beyond the sex, religion, skin color or social origin of the artist.

His work is created on recovery media such as cardboard, palettes and industrial objects found or gleaned. The majority of his work is done with stencils / graffiti, body painting, markers and acrylic pens depending on what is at hand.

He is not interested in technical performance. Only the visual counts!

Być asks questions and does not answer them. It leaves to everyone the choice of reflection.





Why the choice of graffiti or the influence of Street Art?


Because it is not subjected to the same technical contingents as is oil painting, watercolor or photo. Street Art is a libertarian protest movement. It does not follow the same laws as the so-called "traditional" art. It is practiced on virtually any medium, in any place and under any conditions with restricted material. The fact that the artist is a good illustrator or not, ultimately has little importance. It is especially the idea of the visual that takes precedence, the less the question of how it was realized.

The graphic border is very thin between the achievements of two street artists from two different continents. The historical visual codes that differentiate the countries fall and there remains only the image and the emotion! No way to know the origin of the artist. There is no school of graffiti, as it was the case with the art schools from the Renaissance to the present day where influences, styles and techniques are recognizable. Street art avoids the formatting encountered in art schools.


Did Banksy influence you?

Yes, as well as all other street artists known and lesser known. We use the same media. The anonymity we share is for freedom.


What does your work bring?

I see Street Art as a testimony of a contemporary reflection in much the same way that the caves of Lascaux tell the life of the prehistoric.

It is a very personal reflection which is in reality universal. As Andre Malraux said: "Art is the shortest path from man to man".


Why Być?

Because Być (pronounced "Bitch") is to be or to look for in Polish, country that I like.

I like the idea of jostling the Ego as well as the personal narcissistic recognition.

Back to a humanity and a whole!

The reflections and the glances aroused by the works have no borders and are universal.