Eric Winarto was born 1980 in Kuala Lumpur. He lives and works between Montreux and Geneva, Switzerland.


Painting is more than painting. It is more than a less. While doing it, you must be honest to yourself. You must be humble while painting. You must know that painting is a great privilege to live with. A special gift to be appreciated, to be experienced and to be loved passionately. Painting is constantly about learning, understanding, questionning, having a better sense of self-criticism facing our deep freedom and to live it in a poetical way. Doing paintings means always preparing to be out of yourself, accepting things and that there are places inside yourself you cannot control anymore. And by accepting this, you can maybe choose the gentle way to understand and to learn the wildness of our life.

Painting is also about wisdom, facing symbolisms and mythologies in a very tender way and creating mysterious meannings that can be part of the nature. I always try not to be confused when facing the image painted, the result and how I paint. It is as different as the Time and its Clock. Painting is tracing. Painting is drawing. Painting is to accept to be part of the univers. Painting is to breath. It is to accept to be part of the great cosmos. It is also a way to be strong, and a way to be wise. Painting is a place where the painter will always play joyfully and will never being bored on what he is doing.

When once you have decided to make Painting as a silent road for the whole of your life, things can rock and roll like a violent hurricane where wind has no sound, but only a strong and heavy blur of warm and wonderful sensation and it is worth for each day, each moment, and each second.

Letting ourself being gone for a while in the tornado of deep creation, into the haunted abyss, I am now back lended  to see life again, with a new point of view, to see the new sun, to feel the new sunset, to hug the new moonlight and where stars embrace beautiful rythms and elegant mouvement of the life.

Usually being closed with myself in my studio, always working, I then understood why I truly needed that. Light becomes so precious when you were too long in a dark cave.

Each details of everydays life become suddenly more than wonderful, running trough the rain heals, to hear people laughing in movies rooms seemed to be marvelous, seeing people catching the time in the streets as they are in the garden full of butterflies charms me a lot.

Being somewhere else is also seeing people, or even looking to myself as someone running and searching meanings through different time, different road, different facets, like the CHEVREUIL, the haunted deer, where fears decide to run together with intensity and fierce, as the glowing birds following different seasons through different years.

Painting is about inspiration, and to understand it without limits. As to imagine a landscape without edge. When an artist choose to be one, there is only one unpredictable road to take. When someone choose inspiration as path, never stop to step, press the lemon and live.

Eric Winarto