Daniel Orson Ybarra was born 1957 in Montevideo, Uruguay. He lives and works between Geneva and Barcelona.
Uruguayan-Swiss contemporary artist known for colourful paintings and ability to master the light and transparency in his works. Works are based on the observation of nature and on the juxtaposition of images (paintings, drawings, collages, assemblages, installations and photographs). He shares time between his studios in Geneva, Spain and South America. Works are displayed in museums, public and private collections worldwide. Co-Founder, Abanico Foundation, an organization focused on creativity and creation of multidisciplinary and intercultural exchange projects since 1991. 

Private collections selection :


Emilio Diez Barroso (Televisa), Mexico

Mauricio Treviño Zambrano, Mexico

Ana Celia Biondi, Brazil

Paulo Darzé, Brazil

Alfonso Dolce, Italy

Jimenez de la Iglesia, Spain

Gil Lasa, Spain

Carlos Esteve, Switzerland

Philippe Amon, Switzerland

Antonio Bravo, Switzerland

Thomas Alessie, Switzerland

Patrice Bezos, Switzerland

Sarrasin family, Switzerland

Graça Family, Portugal

Lancastre Freitas, Portugal

Sheik Al Nahayan, UAE

Sheik Salman Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Bahrein

Other private collections in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, China, Cyprus, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay, Switzerland.



Fundacion Frax, Spain

Pre-Textos, Spain

Abanico-Pléïades Foundation, Switzerland

Heritage Bank, Switzerland

Fundana, Switzerland

World Economic Forum, Switzerland


United Nations, Switzerland

HUG, Switzerland

Alexander Trust, Switzerland

Ayan Energy, Switzerland

UBS, Switzerland

IRP Foundation, Switzerland