Marck was born in Zurich in 1964. He lives and works between Zurich, Switzerland, and New York, USA.

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Who is MARCK and what does he do? He seems to enjoy locking women up in metal boxes only to watch them struggle trying to find the exit, or abandon them on the high seas with nothing but a plank of wood to hold on to. He suspends them in space exposed to a swaying sickle. They are left to fend for themselves in a pool of water, surrounded by four walls with no way out. Are they prisoners of some external circumstances or is this a reflection of an internal struggle for freedom? MARCK succeeds in confronting us with our genuine fears. His interpretation elicits a range of emotions always outdone by the irresistible urge to watch just a little while longer. The woman moves gracefully, searching for a way out, seemingly unaffected by the hopelessness of her situation yet never losing faith in her ability to break out. This struggle, familiar to all of us since birth, the fear of failure and ultimately death… The power of MARCK’s work is enhanced by his choice of materials – he transforms an ordinary appliance into a video sculpture.