Gustavo Villegas at the Contemporary Art Museum in Queretaro

“Figurations of IMPERMANENCE” a new solo show of Gustavo Villegas' work, on display at MACQ Contemporary Art Museum Queretaro from December 8th, 2021 to January 30th, 2022.
Preview and commentary from the artist : watch on YouTube.

“Behind his portraits and urban landscapes, Gustavo's work has been channeled into the multiple ways that destruction has —from the ravages of a crash on the materiality of a car to the devastated landscapes left by a war—, his artistic statement ; At the bottom of that catalog one can perceive the vital, but also artistic, premise that reality and its objects are constantly changing, that its nature is change. This is perceived in the pieces that make up 'Impermanence figurations, polyptychs of mixed technique and watercolors around a similar premise: that of transience'. This series, like layers of instants, stands on the premise that time is nothing more than a discontinuity of moments, just an attempt at measurement” - Imanol Martínez, text translated from Spanish from the exhibition.