Alex Gross Interview in Juxtapoz Magazine, 2014

Read here : Interview of Alex Gross by Kristin Farr and portrait by Morgan Slade in Juxtapoz, October 2014, pp.86-95.
ā€œKristin Farr: I see why you would parody luxury brands like Gucci and Fendi in some of your paintings, but Iā€™m curious about your interest in representing more arty brands like Volcom, Obey and RVCA. 

Alex Gross: This question gets at some of the ideas I have been working with for the last few years. It is easy to parody expensive fashion brands, and I have done it in many pieces. But, when I think about it, I am actually trying to talk about the larger concept of branding in my work, not just fashion branding, or only mocking brands that I personally think are silly. The entire idea of branding is what I am addressing in my work. What, ultimately, is the difference between RVCA and Gucci? When you think about it, the only real difference is the target audience: a hip, (or wannabe hip, like myself) 20-35 year old urban skater type, versus a rich, more fashion-oriented guy or gal who may be a jetsetter, or just wants to look like one. My point is, it's all branding, which really means it's ultimately bullshit.ā€